Mourning Dove Films seeks to revive cinema as a true art form and return to a perennial way of storytelling that edifies, consoles, and admonishes the soul.

Will it play in Peoria?

Established in 2018, Mourning Dove Films is located in the small city of Peoria—a historic part of Central Illinois that once was an entertainment Mecca in the days of vaudeville and theater palaces. Rich with a burgeoning independent filmmaking community, Peoria has potential to become prominent as a fertile location for great art and entertainment remote from the despotic mainstream film industry. 

About Will Jacobs, founder and filmmaker

In lieu of the depravity and decadence of Hollywood, founder Will Jacobs saw potential for a subversive independent film industry in the Midwest. “There is the expression that a poet must not avert his eyes from the world, but facing the unprecedented ugliness of modernity is no easy task. It is my great objective to initiate a spiritual renascence in cinema—to bring forth films of Beauty, Goodness, and Truth.”

Will is an Arts alumnus of Illinois Central College and 
a graduate of The Second City’s Improv Program in Chicago.

Connect with Will

“My aim is to place cinema among the other art forms. To put it on a par with music, poetry, prose, etc.’’​

—Andrei Tarkovsky, Time Within Time