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About Filmmaker Will Jacobs

headshot_nov2018With the company’s inception in the spring of 2018, founder and Illinoisan filmmaker Will Jacobs settled on the name ‘Mourning Dove’ because of its universal spiritual symbolism and melancholia. “It also reminds me of mornings in Illinois, where one can hear their softening song.” Disturbed by the current state of the Hollywood film industry and its sickly obsession with fame and fortune, Will saw potential for a subversive independent film industry in his home city of Peoria, IL. “There’s the expression that a poet must not avert his eyes, but I’ve found that to be quite hard in today’s world. My goal with Mourning Dove Films is to initiate a renascence of the spiritual in contemporary filmmaking as I feel we’re currently void of it.” Mourning Dove Films seeks to tell stories embodying a spiritual and poetic nature with the utmost avoidance of pretension. “I’m not looking to chase poetry, but to find a coherent and universal truth in stories drawn from the Midwest experience.”

Will is known for his performance in Denouement (2017), which won Best Actor in a Dramatic Short at the Illinois International Film Festival in 2018 (selected out of 600 submissions). He is a graduate of The Second City’s Improv Program in Chicago.

Will’s short film, Animal (2014), was accepted out of 400 submissions and screened at the Chicago International Film Festival’s 11th Annual CineYouth Festival. Animal (2014) was also shown at the 2015 Short Screens film festival in Brussels. Both of Will’s short films, After (2015) and Lesser of Two Evils (2014), aired on cable network WTVP’s “The Screening Room” in 2016.

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